I am currently attending Cal State LA pursuing an MFA in Acting in Television, Film and Theater, with an intended graduation date of May 2021. But, let’s get some groundwork in and circle back that.  

Born in Washington State, bred in Hawaii. My love for adventure started in high school. At a high school in a small town in Washington State, my acting roots were laid down with an excellent mentor as a director, teacher and friend. I met him when I auditioned for the first play of my freshman year. He gave me a lead role in that play and in every play, every semester thereafter for my whole high school career. By the end of my senior year in high school, I had won several awards at high school theater conferences, won a scholarship for theater at the college of my choice, and helped to refurbish the high school’s theater facilities due to increased ticket sales during my time there. I took my passion for the performing arts into my undergraduate career where I acted in a play every semester to maintain my theater scholarship. Some of the characters I played during his undergraduate included Christian from Cyrano de Bergerac, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, King Oberon A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Roger Together Again for the First Time. I won Best Actor 2001. By the time I had received my BA from BYU-Hawaii in 2007, I had played over fifteen lead roles in full-length theatre productions and one independent film.

Video had caught my attention and I started telling stories behind the camera, taking production and editing courses. Right after college, I started a production company in Hawaii. Spending all of my 20’s on O’ahu, I was mesmerized with the beauty of the islands and the culture of aloha. This experience instilled in me the love for being true to myself and accepting everyone for who they are. As beautiful as it was and as much fun as I was having, this move to behind the camera took me away from acting and into writing, directing and producing. I found I had a knack for creating compelling commercials and narratives. I shot and edited music videos, tv commercials and wedding videos. I thought I had found the best thing ever. However, I lacked the skills and the environment to take my concepts and talent to the next level. Companies started to realize they could make money from my online creativity and so I allowed myself to be sucked into the digital marketing game. I left Hawaii in seek of more dollars and took my passion back to the mainland US into TV and digital marketing for corporations. This online video promotion career led to occupying multiple marketing manager roles for corporations for several years. Moving from position to position, I felt something was wrong, like I wasn’t myself. I was pursuing money for the sake of money, and I was left feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in these jobs. Like experiencing a dejavu, I remembered something from my past life and knew that something was up. I need to get back to my roots.

I moved to LA in 2018 to get back to my acting roots. I knew that it would be the fight of my life to rediscover myself at 35 years old with so many people ahead of me vying for the same thing. It’s such a cliche; ‘broke white guy moves to LA to be a professional actor.’ Like the title of an SNL skit. But, I knew I could do the work necessary. I’m not worried about work. I’m worried that my legacy to my son is ‘you work, you die.’ I want to pursue telling stories that inspire people to better themselves and the world around them. I believe that is a legacy worth working towards. If I have to be lumped together with the rest while I hone my craft and build my entertainment business acumen, I can hang. As a graduate student in the Television, Film & Theatre program at Cal State LA, I am dedicated to using this gift of time and resources to prepare myself in every way possible to navigate through the anomaly called LA, one day bringing inspiration to others.

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